Utomik celebrates game #1,000 today!

With today’s release of Neverinth, Utomik now has 1,000 games for you to discover! We have games for every mood and in every genre. We are especially fond of games you’ve never heard of before because they may surprise you in a good way. They’re all very cool and worth playing!

Our 1,000th game is a very special game for us. Why? Well for starters it’s one of the 10 Day One indie games we are showcasing at Gamescom.

Additionally, Neverinth (a game by CreAct Games, published by Another Indie) is a game that is still in Early Access. And because we take our support of indie developers very seriously, we want to help them receive as much player input as possible.

What does this mean for you? Well, the game isn’t wholly finished yet. Art, interactions, and features may be upgraded along the way, and they are by no means final at this moment. It’s already a very polished experience though! And, every time the game gets played, it provides useful input to make the final version even better.

Of course,  you’ll get to play the game on Day One on Utomik when the final version releases! The reviews have so far been Very Positive, and we are confident that this is a gem worth all our support!

Come by our booth at Gamescom and meet the developers of Neverinth and give the game a spin if you haven’t done so already.

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Aug 12, 2019