June Preview: For The King, Hitman, LEGO Harry Potter & more!

To celebrate that we officially launched a few weeks ago, we're pulling all the stops on Utomik in June! Either watch the video or read directly below about some of the awesome titles we're adding next!

For The King - It's dangerous to go alone! Put together a makeshift party and stop the chaos from spreading further throughout the kingdom in this challenging mix of tabletop game, RPG and roguelike.

Hitman (Codename 47, Silent Assassin & Contracts) - In the world of contract hits, there is only room for one man at the top: Agent 47. Sneak and kill your way through the roots of this iconic franchise with the first three games!

Redout: Enhanced Edition - Taking the best elements of F-Zero and WipeOut, Redout: Enhanced Edition builds on them to deliver the fastest, toughest, and most satisfying racing experience from the future!

AER - Memories of Old - Embrace the power of a shapeshifter and be free like a bird! Soar from one floating island to the next on your pilgrimage to the Land of Gods and the secrets it holds.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - The LEGO series has the magic ability to put a smile on anybody's face. Grab a player two and forget the real world while you venture through Hogwarts.

We like to keep a few secrets up our sleeve so keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter.

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May 22, 2018